How to write welcome notes for speech at a corporate event

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What interests the audience when they attend a corporate event? Well, the buffet spread and the venue, of course, but here we are talking about the welcome note for that corporate event.

One of the important roles of an introduction speech is to unite the audience and focus their attention

Yes, it is the welcome speech that sets the mood of the event and allures the attendees to listen.

An appealing welcome speech holds the attention of the audience throughout the event – from beginning till the end. Hence it is the most crucial factor for any event, as it shapes the attendee’s attitude. For example – a boring welcome speech may kill the interest, while an enthusiastic speech will make attendees look forward to what is coming next.

Welcome note should be very brief and crisp. It should not be too long or too short. However, it must mention all the introductory details very well and address anyone on and/or off the dais.

There is no specific method to draft your welcome note. You could make use of any videos, audios, games etc. The important thing is to make sure it tells the agenda for the event.

Below are few more elaborated tips that you can consider while writing a welcome note for your speech, at a corporate event –

Setting the tone right

The tone of the speech plays a key factor in the setting the tempo right.

The words that you choose, the way you structure your speech, and lastly how you deliver it, all comes together to create a tone. If it is a formal event, you can choose a quite simple, straightforward, crisp, and professional tone.

On the other hands, if it is a casual get together, you can make your introductory speech with a lighter tone and use casual jokes. However, make sure to limit that as well else you would not want your audience to roll down their chair laughing!

Choosing tone and focus on how you talk to the audience will vary with distinct types of event.

However, the speaker should include a variety of expressions during the speech to make the event livelier, while taking care not to overdo it. Speaker should have a sincere and confident approach.

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Starting the speech

Always start the speech by greeting the audience. It could be as simple as “Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen” or “Hello my dear friends” depending on the type of the event. But it is important to greet the audience courteously. And mind you, the language, and the tone that you use to greet will reflect the mood of the event throughout.

Hence be very thoughtful as with the theme of the event.

Acknowledging the guests

This is the time when you mention specifically about those people who have worked hard to put the event together, along with all the sponsors and partners.

It must also address all the guests and the chief guest, if any, all the dignitaries on and off the dais. It needs also to thank them for being present and giving their valuable time to the event.

Make sure you have all the names beforehand and you know how to pronounce them correctly. Else you would not want to get embarrassed there up on the stage.

After acknowledgement, you must also introduce the next speaker who would take the event forward, giving a short brief about him. Your homework needs to be to know, who would be coming next and what does he do. You may consult him directly for the introduction that you have written for him.

Safe bet you see.

Purpose of the event

Let the audience know what exactly is going to happen in the next few minutes of your speech. However, it is better to avoid talking about the sessions in detail. Mention the benefits of attending the event in simple terms. It is possible that people who took out time to come and attend the event must have obviously gone through the agenda and brief of the session.

It would be just a repetition for them. Hence you can avoid clarifying the goals behind each session and focus on the primary and at the most secondary goal that dictates the mission of the event in a specific context. For example, you can help them know how they can use the information in the practical world.

Also, the words should be framed in such a manner that the audience is eager to look forward to the event and not think of it as something they already know and is a waste of time for them.

Concluding the note

It is a mistake to conclude the welcome speech by thanking as it is the part of the person who is going to give vote of thanks in the end.

Concluding the speech should focus on leaving the participants at ease and with enthusiasm to wait for the upcoming sessions.

And make sure that you do not use your time in concluding your speech, adjust it in the limited time that you have.

Ideally your entire welcome note should be between three to five minutes, depending on the need of the event. Overextending it more than that time, the audience may feel bored and it may also kill the excitement that they have been waiting for the events to follow.

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