Importance of Networking during Happy Hours and things you can wear to it

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Attending a happy hour networking event could help you earn your most anticipated contact. Being at the event can also land you a dream project. Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss the fantastic opportunity the event has got to offer. So, learning the ethics of the social occasion could cement your outreach effort. You won’t want to look awkward at the gathering.In fact, you won’t want to be intimidated by an outfit of other personality at the event. Dressing properly at the networking happy hour event is important.

Sincerely, choosing what to wear can be a challenging decision. So what are the few trends for suitable networking happy hour?. Worry not, we’ve got you covered. Below are top 5 dresses you can consider for your most happy hour networking event.

    Blazers and Polished Jeans

While you’re planning to get connected with other industry bigwigs, it’s good your work on the matching outfit for the event. Never underrate the value of blazer and polished jeans. It helps in adding some sense of professionalism and balancing style with the vibes of the It instills more confidence in you.

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Sweaters and slacks

This gives you a semi-casual appearance without losing the details of professionalism and networking atmosphere. It doesn’t only make you feel comfortable, it as well helps you in standing out among crowds. You can be adding some styles to your personality with cashmere sweaters. Getting an element of polished elegance out of your outfit can make the event a memorable one.

Knee-length Skirts and blouse

Putting together a stunning combo of knee-length skirt and blouse help evoke the feminine style out of you. They are perfect kind of outfit for any network event. They offer you a glamorous look and ensure you feel relaxed at the event. It’s modest and flattering enough to command the respect you’ve ever desire to get a happy hour networking event.

Tailored pants and nice round neck

Sticking to classic tailored trouser with plain or checkered short sleeve or long sleeve top can help you make a difference at your networking event. If well-adjusted to your shape ,you’re at ease and will be comfortable with yourself.

In fact, the outfit helps you exude confidence and makes other professional keep wondering about your expertise and work experience. If you don’t want to look usual at this event, then consider wearing this outfit at your next happy hour network event.

Kindly note that attending a happy hour networking event speaks more about your brand .

It helps you represent your brand  while you connect with other industry experts. A cute outfit can create a good impression about you and your brand. Investing time in choosing or buying appropriate outfits is the key to leaving a lasting impression for everyone at the happy hour networking event.

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