Questions to ask at a conference to a stranger to make connections

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You are at some conference or social meeting, and you come across a new acquaintance. While you exchange greetings and shake hands with each other, how do you end up making a connection with the other person? Which are the top questions you will ask a stranger at a conference?

When it comes to being a part of some conference or any other elite event, making connections or networking is an important aspect you should consider. Whether you are an individual entity or a business organization, there are several potential benefits of networking at a conference or meeting to your business.

While networking, asking the right questions is of utmost importance. While you might come across the all-time common question, “What do you do,” there is a plethora of other ways that could help you in drawing the attention of the other party. All too often, we end up having conversations that are too mechanical, inauthentic, or forced. However, a popular quote by Dale Carnegie could change the way you perceive conferences or other social events and your interaction with people. The quotes goes as, “You can end up making more acquaintances in a period of two months by getting interested in other individuals than in two years by getting them interested in you.”

The easiest way to interact with people and make relevant connections is quite simple –ask questions. The idea behind this notion is also simple –it helps in bringing up more topics for you to discuss. When you would start approaching events with this strategy in mind, you will have abundance of things to talk about. For the beginners, you will start feeling more confident about your ability to spark an interesting conversation. This would make both the speakers more comfortable with each other while setting grounds for a long-term connection.

How to Establish Connections with Interesting Questions?

If, during a conversation, you are thinking about what to speak or ask next, you are probably not listening properly. Instead, you can consider memorizing a few staple questions that go a long way into establishing a healthy conversation while developing long-lasting connections at the same time. Here are some instances:

What are You Most Excited About in the Given Moment?

This is a “go-to” question for any two strangers talking to each other. Moreover, it also serves to be a casual ice-breaker. This is because any individual can answer this question casually and confidently. Moreover, a question of this kind could lead to several other questions at the same time. Also, this sort of questions sets an easy ground for discovering what the other individual cares about and wherein they are interested. There is no point in which this type of conversation could end up looking like an interview.

Another major benefit of this type of question is that it instantly offers people the opportunity to discuss something new & trending. This helps in keeping the conversation fresh & alive while engaging as well. Moreover, even when the topic does not pump up, the overall conversation is contagious. This is always a positive sign –especially when you are talking to a stranger.

What are the Next Big Things Coming Your Way?

This is yet another simple & open-ended question that allows the other person to talk about important matters of life in depth. At the same time, the other person also becomes comfortable in sharing certain aspects of his or her life with you. As such, this turns out exciting for both the parties. The other person might end up sharing more about his or her life in detail –more than what was wrapped up in the office.

Additionally, this type of prompt serves to be a natural way of finding relevant opportunities to communicate or collaborate with someone. In case the other person mentions that there is some big project or event in which the individual might be working on, it becomes simpler for you to offer some relevant support. You might as well consider making specific introductions that might turn out helpful for the other person. Moreover, this will also help in extending the connection much beyond the initial conversation.

Irrespective of the profession, every individual has something coming up in his or her life. Therefore, it feels great to talk about some priority project in life.

What are the Big Challenges Coming Down in Your Way?

This is a highly powerful, yet negative question out there. When you are meeting a new person or group, there is always an undue pressure to be pleasant and cheery at the same time. Moreover, you are required to go poetic about your job and specify how you are doing well in life. However, irrespective of how much you might love your job, there are specific challenges involved in the task. While handling the elephant in the room, everyone out there is known to prefer some excuse to state. Moreover, you can consider scoring additional points –especially when you have been involved in a similar situation, and you have some relevant advice & sympathy to offer.

Moreover, when you end up being in the same field, the problem could be as simple as changing the entire course of the industry. This could end up in you two having a productive conversation about what you are doing and how you aim at addressing specific challenges in life.

How did you Hear About This Conference?

Another helpful way to know about the other person or establish a reliable connection is through asking about the specific event or conference that you are attending. The question helps in providing a common ground while allowing the other person to ask some question back. You would find that both of you are chatting about the conference while coming up with new topics to keep the conversation going.


These top questions that can help you make stranger into connection can play a major role in shaping the conversation that you will have with a stranger at some event or conference. In addition to building a strong connection, these questions will lay grounds to improve the overall networking opportunities at the same time.

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