Top Ideas for Women’s Networking Events

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Those days when women used to confine to the four walls of the kitchen. They are now out there, walking in tandem, cracking business deals, starting their own venture and what not. Also, when it comes to Networking, women are taking a front seat there too. They have started forming their own group sans the men and are continuously striving betterment and upliftment of each group members. So, it important to encourage women by supplying at least nine examples of womens’ networking event ideas.

Women networking event is indeed an incredible bonding and business dealing time and it provides great growth opportunities.

All things good, but it can get stereotypical and boring if done in a monotonous way. Who does not like variations right? Hence what can you do to make your women’s event different, engaging and something to look forward to?

Here are few ideas that you may try for your upcoming women’s networking events.

Women’s networking event idea No 1: Chat over Coffee

“A lot can happen over a coffee!” Indeed true. Hosting your networking event at a nice café sounds enjoyable event with great ambiance. You can chat, have panel discussions, small group topic chats and of course build your connections through formal and informal conversations.

Roundtable Meetings

Roundtable meetings are the best way to bring people together and discuss over issues concerning them or discuss on innovative ideas or exchange any latest information that is trending. The setting of the roundtable is such that it makes it easier for the group members to connect with each other better.

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Theme Events

Women can easily pull off any theme-based event. What you can do is, have a casual theme-based event organized and ask your group members to dress in a certain way for it. This will not only lighten the mood of the event but will also help your members to get easily comfortable with each other.

One-on-on meet

Offering one-on-one meet is one of the best ways to help your group members make valuable connections. You can connect them to women who are from the same field and of similar mind set and can help to generate leads in the industry. It will also allow them to better share their experiences, issues, ideas, challenges and solve them at their best level.

Mentor the Mentee

Likewise, you can also assign a mentor to each member of the group. This mentor could be any renowned professional from the same industry who can mentor end-to-end including providing leads and helping with more connections.

This would be highly beneficial to each member of the group and to those who are budding entrepreneurs in the same industry.

Virtual Networking

Sometimes, it may so happen that people from your group may not be comfortable meeting others in person or they may hesitate in taking that first step.

Hence bridging a way to introduce them online through various social media platforms will certainly help them connect better and reduce the anxiety of not knowing people in upcoming events.

Ice breakers

At the beginning of every event, make sure to conduct ice breaking games. It is an excellent way to connect with people. It will make them interact specially in a group of strangers and make them comfortable with one another. Ice breakers are also stress reliever and it is important to lighten the mood of the attendees before starting of the event.


What we learn, majority of it is through stories. Sharing of stories can help the attendees to learn from each other. They can narrate about their success stories or can highlight what did not work for them and hence what was the learning from it. This will aid the others who are into similar profession and can make them aware of what to do and what not to do.

Women’s Day Out

Who does not like going out on a picnic? Planning an entire day outbound event is a fantastic way to get all your members together and help them connect with each other comfortably.

The entire mood of the picnic is casual and informal; hence it will help them to adjust well amidst the strangers without having the pressure of being formal with anyone. Informal methods help to build networks faster anyway.

In closure, all we would say is, you can produce a number of ideas to host a networking event, however, remember to keep the aim of the event in focus.

Else, people might just find it a waste of time and may lose interest, chances of withdrawing themselves from such future events, which surely you would not want to aim at. Hence be specific in your goal and creative in your theme.

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