Top Digital Marketing Tools That You Can Actually Use

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We live in this era where we have created a parallel world for us – the Digital world. Everything is now moving to digitalization, may it be a new business or even the traditional business which had never made use of a computer. With the moving time, businesses have no other option but to have their digital presence in any form to have a place and eye in the market. As a result, an increase in the digital presence has led to an increase in the digital marketing tools as well. These days, there are so many tools available that it becomes a little confusing to know where to start and which one to best put to use.

Trying each tool also requires a lot of investment with respect to time and money, which obviously is not preferred by all. Hence here is a list from our side to help you streamline on the marketing tools that could be best required by your business or service.

We have segmented it into the following broader categories –

SEO & Blog Content

Automated Email Marketing

Landing Pages

Social Media Marketing

Analytics and Data


Now lets see the useful marketing tools under each broad category.

SEO & Blog Content


UberSuggest is a free tool which can find 100s of new long tail keywords in a few minutes. As the name suggests, it provides much more than just the name. It gives aggregated data from Google Suggest that provides keyword hints similar and connected to your search on Google. UberSuggest helps you come up with new keywords or blog topics with an easy “suggest” tool. It doesn’t require any expertise but just simple steps of – type the keyword, select the language and source.

#Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner helps you to know how many times your keywords are searched and also which of your keywords have the biggest hit. You can use this tool to look for keywords and see the performance of list of keywords. You can also choose competitive bids and budgets from Keyword Planner that can help you in your campaigns.

Automated Email Marketing


Mailchimp is an automation platform and an email marketing tool. It helps to bring all your marketing needs in one place – like your audience data, marketing channels and insights. Mailchimp can help you promote your channel across multiple channels. With the help of this tool, marketers get a free access to build, shoot and analyse mass email campaigns.


ActiveCampaign is a one stop platform for email marketing, CRM, Sales and marketing automation. It lets you to be in constant touch with your customers via emails, campaigns, sales follow up and more. It helps to send super personalised mail and emails based on customers actions. Also sales automation mails that drives deals forward and mails that boost calls to action. Basically, ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one solution for all the marketing triggers.

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Landing Pages


LeadPages is a tool that helps you collect email subscribers. It can help to host webinars and videos for free courses. LeadPages tool can also be used to send content upgrades to tools like mailchimp and to create high converting websites and landing page opt-in forms.


OptimizePress helps to create landing pages and sales pages that can aid you to increase sales and leads on your website. It is designed to create pages with a similar appearance to your WordPress site. OptimizePress can make it easy for you to edit your landing pages in real time and get your content updated.

Analytics and Data Management

#Google Analytics

If you are wanting to rise up your business with accurate data, then Google Analytics is a must and right tool for the digital marketers. This is a free and user friendly tool. It can help you know about critical information such as the performance of your website, audience demographics, popular keywords, actions taken and much more. Google Analytics is the best platform to monitor your reports and website traffic.

#Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool that helps you a lot in SEO. . You can submit your Sitemap ( a map of all the articles on your site ) and Robots.txt files ( to allow only urls of your choice to be indexed ) .

Your site has higher chances of getting indexed then.

The most important thing is that it is free to use and it can be used to provide visibility of your site on a single dashboard.

Social Media Marketing


MeetEdgar is a social media tool that manages and automates content re-sharing to optimize your social traffic. It is basically a social media tool that can schedule, curate and repurpose content on your social media platforms. You can even set a calendar to schedule a post to a social media account at a specified time. MeetEdgar helps you to keep your feeds active and your social content fresh. It also automatically writes status updates for you from articles or blogs.


Lithium is one of the most effective social media marketing tool that helps brands connect with their customers effectively. It not only helps you to automate your blog postings over different social media platforms but also to track all the conversations related to your brand. It helps you to manage your campaign, content, responses, engagement with your customers on a daily basis. Lithium also helps brand manage their engagement across their social media, websites, different communities that they are a part of and mobile apps.

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