4 tips to network for job opportunities

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Networking involves communication. It is about making contact and building relationships with people. The connection and relationship could emanate from social media, job board or even physical location around you. You can do it either on a short-term or long-term basis. It is essential to network for job opportunities.

Social media site like Facebook can connect you to an employer, outsourcer, or business partner – a mutual friend on Facebook make an offer for a position in his office.  In fact, you can meet your clients at a grocery store.

If you are searching for a job, or just recently fired from your workplace or quit your job to start a business of your own, networking can be of great benefits to you. It will not only connect you with right individuals to make you soar, it will also help you thrive in a competitive environment.

In these times of multiple rates of unemployment, being able to have the right network and attitude towards your network is necessary.

Here are some tips you should consider when networking for job opportunities:

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Start with The Immediate: Your Family Members

You can start your networking by interacting with your immediate family members about your need for a job or business deal.

It could be possible that your elder sister might see a friend who is looking to employ an able hand for his grocery store. You might just be the perfect fit. Your Dad’s best friend might need a typist at his local bookstore, and you would come in handy. Your younger brother may know someone in the line of business you want to indulge in, and that person might be a great mentor and an extended helping hand.

You do not have to keep silent about your unemployment situation. Feel free to share with members of your family because they would always be at the forefront to ensure and to see to it that you succeed in whatever endeavour you set your heart up for.

Always have at the back of your mind that everybody knows somebody. You might be surprised at the calibre of people that your immediate family members know. So, do not hesitate to tell them that you are looking for a job.

Ask Close Friends and Friends of The Family

After letting your family members know about your current job search situation, do not stop there, go ahead to enable at least a few close friends and family friends know. They too might see a person or two who might need an employee.

Of course, nobody wants to bore anybody with his/her problems but letting your close friend(s) know about your current job hunt would do you no harm. As far as the approach to the subject is warm and cheerful, there is no need to feel queasy about it.

They too would love to be a part of your success story, and they would like to help wherever they can. So, yes! Let them know about your struggles too. I bet they can offer insightful advice that can take you a notch or a step closer to the end of your job hunt.

Go Through Your Contact List

Your contact list is a wonderful place to network for job opportunities.

You can narrow the broad scope of your job search by going through your contact list. Of course, you would find people of relevance in one way or the other there.

Start by jotting their names and phone numbers on a sheet of paper.

Give them a call. Fix a day to see them, or a meeting point where you guys can meet. Always bear in your mind that you do not need an informal relationship with all of them – some of these people might be your friends from high school or college.

In fact, they could be your former employer or a public crème-dè-la-crème you did a favour and he/she felt indebted and gave you their business card for future reference.

Try to relate with the people on your contact list according to the level of cordial /formal relationship you have with them. In this case, instead of outrightly blurting to them that you need a job, you can start by seeking out their advice on various job listings.

You can go over it with them during lunch at a local café. It would be a little awkward if you just start your communication with them by telling them that you need a job, I mean, these are people you might not have seen or called in months!

Get Social with That Social Media Handle of Yours, Will You?

Some social media apps are indeed evolving. For instance, Facebook has job listings on it, and if you wish to be notified about jobs that suit your area of expertise, all you need to do is click the Subscribe button and BOOM!, you get notified if and when any job comes up.

Another way is to ask a friend or mutual friend(s) if they know of any job related to your specialty.  You might be surprised at who your social media friends know. It all boils down to who you know. Your social media friends could be a wonderful job-hunt tool.

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