Things to avoid in a networking event

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Networking events always afford a person the privilege of:

  1. meeting new people
  2. learning new ideas

They always offer attendants with several exciting and refreshing moments. Professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and investors always have something to take home from those events.

However, what really determines if the event was worth attending is the impression you create for other people during the event. Another factor to consider is the number and nature of the relationship you created. For example, if someone you met during the event has an ill-thought about you, that’s not too good. Of course, anyone can develop a negative thought against someone, no matter how good one is. The ugly sentiment could evolve out of personal reasons. However, if two or more people are having such an impression, then something has gone wrong.

Likewise, if you can forge a relationship with at least two people after a networking event, it means people are reluctant to spare time learning about you or your career further. No one is to be blamed for such an event. It’s likely you’re just being natural. Hence, people are perceiving your actions in different ways. Likewise, people want to be secured and thus, will avoid meeting something with strange acts.

Then, who is to be blamed here?

You or other people?

Sincerely, no one is to be blamed.

If there is anything you need to work on, it’s simply AVOIDING SOME MISTAKES!

Sure, there are some unwritten instructions about what not to do at a networking event. Because you’re not aware of them, you do them and assume they are normal. So, when people caught you doing those things, they clam up and thus shuffle away from you.

Oh ! I see … that’s just come to your mind?

Then you need to start making corrections now !


Perhaps you needed help in such a situation, below are some mistakes you should avoid in a networking event.

Inappropriate outfits

People address you the way you dress. In fact, your dress influences the kind of thoughts they conjure up towards you. Take, for instance, you’re attending a networking event with casual wear and slippers on you! It just likes putting a nail on a chalkboard. It doesn’t match the code of the event. Specifically, not dressing corporate in a networking event organized for managers is awkward.

Firstly, anyone that sees you will believe you’re not one of them. Those individuals that assume you’re a professional won’t take you. Except there is a different dressing code for such an event, you’re likely not to scale.

So , always learn to match your outfit with a networking event dressing code.

Asking Dead questions and giving dead responses

Further, the manner you respond to other people’s questions can determine what others say of you. Equally important here is the nature of the question you ask at the event. People often make a mistake of asking a dead question. Take, for example, in a situation where you need to start a conversation, you asked a question like: Who is chairing this event ? Do you feel good coming here? Where do you stay ?

Absolutely, you will get a one-word response from such a person. Yea , Canada are some of the responses you will get.


Using conversation starters is the best way to do things here. Instead of asking a dead-ended question, start interacting with the person near you with conversation starters.

  1. How did you hear about this event?
  2. What do you think about [insert topic germane to the event or person here]?
  3. So, was it a pain for you to get here?

There are lots of conversation starters you can depend on while in a networking event. You can research them and use them for your convenience.

The same rules apply to you when responding to other people’s questions.

Bragging about your company’s achievement

This is another mistake you must learn to avoid. Certainly, there are always moments that tempt one to brag about one’s organization’s uniqueness. But doing so in a networking event can sound weird.

Networking events are for building connections in and across your industries. Other attendants work in other companies. They are not there for marketing purposes. Rather, everyone is there to make new contacts and impart knowledge.

Therefore, you need to avoid bragging about your company’s achievement. If you found yourself in such a situation or notice you’re veering off to that area, try to excuse yourself from the conversation. In another way round, you may try to change topics.

Avoiding discussing personal life, work complaints, and politics

Things happening in your home shouldn’t be a subject matter at a networking event. They are expected to be private. Try as much as possible to keep silent on personal matters. Apart from the fact that it doesn’t suit a networking event, it can also impose a risk on you and your family members.

Also, try as much as possible to distance yourself from complaining about your organization. People would see you as someone who is not trustworthy. Likewise, such action will beset your company’s reputation.

Don’t forget that every organization are known for some shortcoming

It’s true that the challenges can be discouraging. Certainly, it can reach a level where you needed to share it with someone. But networking event isn’t the best place to do so. It’s best to forget any ugly event happening in your organization and focus on the essence of networking.

More emphatically, a political discussion shouldn’t reflect in your interaction with people. Political views are a personal matter and contrary opinion to someone’s ideology can cause an argument. Such an argument can bring mar your relationship with the attendant of such an event and thus make you miss that important contact.

So what’s more?


Here is another mistake you should at all cost avoid. Whether you need a job urgently or not, learn to postpone such a request till after you’ve created a relationship with the newly found person. Just learn to stay neutral, act calmly and behave maturely.

Once you’ve had the opportunity to discuss with the person after the event, you can share your challenges thereafter.

TAKE-AWAY: Always remember that the goal of a networking event is to connect with others through conversation and follow them up thereafter. Always stay away from anything that can affect such an aim.

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