How Can I Become a Successful Business Development Executive

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Becoming a successful business development executive means developing relevant skills to identify new business opportunities and other market potentials. Robert Walkers described a business developer as the cornerstone of a successful organization because he generates new revenue and helps a company grow.

So, if you are preparing to pursue a career in this field, it means the entire organization will be relying on your skillset and personality trait to record huge business success.

It is not easy to tread this path successfully. Considering the challenges, obstacles, time-consuming actions a high intelligence involved, one could be overwhelmed and fail to discharge the expected duties appropriately. If this is your calling, then you have no choice than to accept the career the way it is.

Come to think of it, has there been any job without its positive and negative side? Imagine the health sectors, government agencies, and even personal businesses. Every job has its requirements and sacrifices a recipient must be willing to undergo to reach the apex of the career.

So, as business development manager planning to be successful in the field, you need to understand that developing some traits and skill set can help you achieve success.

Below are important points for your consideration:


Remez Sasson noted that curiosity is important for excelling in any job and doing it better. By creating curiosity mindset, a business development manager is never satisfied with being good enough. He is driven to ask an intelligent question, identify essential elements needs to accomplish new milestone and embraces deep thinking to drive performance.

When a business development manager is curious about organization activity, he will be able to identify business areas of weakness, find the “why” of such circumstances” and develop appropriate strategies overcome such situation. By doing this, an organization is always able to drive an employee to work and motivate them towards goal-oriented activities.

2. LEARN AND DEVELOP: noted that the best entrepreneurs in the world do not act like they know everything. They all understand the fact that learning is a continuum, and they must devote time to learn. Even if you do not own that business, you can still be an entrepreneur.

Every of the organization business activities lies on your intelligence. The more intelligent you are, the greater the success your business records. Leaving the learning and development of your company hand will never help you to grow and succeed.

The only way to nurture and become a successful business development manager is to embrace the mindset of growth. Even if you have the best business strategies, you still need to unlearn, learn, and relearn. This helps to keep you updated about industry latest innovations and best strategies for driving sales. Never assume you have known it all. Keep learning.

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Having business intelligence is not as great as apply such intelligence to a field. It is good you understand the concept of business, modern marketing techniques, and even practical ways to motivate employee.

However, knowledge, when not applied correctly, will leave your organization in a vacuum in that area. Always ensure you identify where and how you can apply your knowledge to assist new and existing clients. On, business developers are advised to think outside the box. This is only possible when you leverage your business intelligence on a department or business activity.

Even there will be a moment when that application will not work exactly as you expected. It is normal. Not every intention yield actions, and not every effort produces the right results. However, the denominator of it all is to keep leveraging business intelligence on every aspect of the business. It is the right way to distinguish your business from that of competitors and stand out.


This is a vital aspect of emotional intelligence. The ideas, skills, knowledge work best when organization processes in your favour. However, occasionally, there will be challenges that seem overwhelming. There are will decisions that require your bravery and courage.

l̥ Even when you discuss an idea with other members of your team, there is a greater tendency for all of them to disagree with your point. While you develop good reasons to execute an idea, they will convince you with much bad reasons to avoid such challenges. So, in such a scenario, you may be left with a choice of either conceding to their advice or launching your idea. In that regard, you will need emotional intelligence. Moreover, it will be dependent on your level of self-awareness

You just need to listen to your instinct and take prior action. Sometimes, you need to follow your mind to make certain strategic decision. If there is a need to increase sales, you must be able to strategize how to pitch for new clients and consider if it is to accept or reject their offers. As a business manager, you need to learn how to control your emotions rather than allowing external factors to rule your minds


As stated in, having a general understanding of computers can help you function in today’s world. It can also prevent you from getting left behind. That is just the fact. As a business developer, you are expected to have a certain level of knowledge in computer applications. You may necessarily not be an expert in handling various kinds of software, but you need to learn some basic computer skills.

Typing and data analysis is one of the strong skills you should underrate when setting out to be an exception in this career. This helps you work fasters and collaborate with other members of your team effectively.

As said earlier, becoming a successful business manager is never an easy task. However, when you persevere in your actions and implement the suggested strategies above, you become a world-class business developer. The chances of being hired by multinationals are high.

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