Top 10 Things to Consider When Planning for a Corporate Event

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Planning company’s corporate event is important. It presents a good opportunity for the companies to appreciate their clients, keep employees more engaged, establish a better culture amidst other things. Any planning towards such an event needs to be done appropriately. One must consider several factors. Notable ones include:

  1. Choosing an appropriate location

The comfort of your attendees is quite essential. You should be willing to host a corporate event in an environment that is pleasing to everyone. It should be accessible and convenient for every attendee. The atmosphere should be vibrant enough to create a good event mood and keep everyone focused.

Location is the key to hosting a memorable and classical corporate event. With a suitable location, every attendee are assured safety, convenience, and comfort. Planning for the corporate event should not focus only on what people will drink and eat but also on the accommodation.

  1. Understanding the reasons for organizing the event

The most popular prelude to hosting corporate events includes helping company highlight its value, establishing culture, validating employees, and keeping employees engaged. One must take careful consideration of these purposes before investing energies and resources into organizing a corporate event.

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For instance, if you think that the purpose of organizing a corporate event is to highlight company values, inviting an industry expert to the event could create an impression within your organization. Such an idea could help you engage your employee more and foster a better working relationship with them. It keeps everyone involved in the activity.

  1. Investing in the right activities

Planning for a corporate event requires creative thinking. Who will be attending your event speaks volume of what you should do? It guides your action and helps invest resources on the right activity. It is quite paramount for you to plan for accuracy in your event. One such way to achieve perfection is to ensure your investment is on the right activities.

In a situation where you need to keep employees validate, spending much money on decorating may not go a long way to help the event achieve its primary purpose. You may need to prioritize spending on awards over decoration. Doing this keeps everyone elated and concentrated on the company’s primary drive for organizing a corporate event.

  1. Promoting your event

To generate the expected number of attendees, you need to promote your corporate event accordingly. There is power in promoting an event. It helps creates publicity and attract sponsors to such an occasion. This thus means that your actions will be serving two purposes: more people will know about your company’s events and more sponsors will have the need to partner with you. Achieving the 2 in 1 package can however help you elevate your business to the next level.

You can do this through the company’s newsletter, emails or use of social media. Any of those mediums can work for you.

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  1. Ensuring Security

Hosting a corporate event in an unsecured environment could impose a great weight on your company’s reputation. If anyone is hurt during the event, you may be responsible for such an awful incident. Planning to secure your event venue should be of utmost importance. Which security team to guard every attention must be part of your plans.

Everyone wants to be in a secured environment. People feel comfortable in an environment void of fights, stealing, bullies and so on. So, it is quite essential for you to consider those circumstances and work harder to intensity the security level of your event venue.

  1. Transportation

A company event is not just about blabbing about team achievement. It is not all cantered on employee attendance. Having other personalities in the event is symbolic. It helps evoke a feeling of excitement, oneness, and respect for one another. This is possible in a situation where every attendee is punctual. Such level of punctuality will be determined transport modes available to access the event venue.

Transport needs of attendees should be met. If the organization cannot make a bus available for pick-ups, then it is paramount to host the event in a place where transportation would not constitute a problem for every attendee of the event.

  1. Pre- and Post-Event Follow-ups

Your company’s corporate event also needs to cater for leads nurturing before and after the event. Nurturing the leads before the event helps enhance ticket sales and encourage the presence of more attendees. The more follow-ups you do, the better chances of gaining the attention of more audiences. Few ways to encourage follow-ups include:

  • Organizing social media contests featuring prizes like free tickets to the event, give-aways, and lots more.
  • Creating a countdown to the event.
  • Engaging in several surveys to evaluate overall satisfaction of people.
  1. Selection of menu

There is nothing so worse than being in a corporate event that fails cater for the welfare of its attendant. A corporate event should be a moment to relax and get some fun. Any corporate event lacking mini meals may create a poor impression for its attendants.

In a formal corporate event, offer your guests plated meals, delivered to attendee’s table during seating. Such an arrangement helps to avoid the distraction of traffic going to and from the buffet. It ensures that every of your guest is served at the same time.

  1. Brand Awareness

A corporate event is also another avenue to advertise your company. There are no reasons for you to be shy about the process. Your company name and logo should appear in several areas. Both digital and traditional displays items should feature those items. Implementing this idea ingrain your brand image into the heart of every attendant and influence them to be a good brand ambassador for your company.

Few ways to accomplish such an idea include the use of:

  • Flyers, brochures, and catalogues
  • Live social media updates via a digital screen
  • The frequent mentioning of brand name through the speakers and presenters etc.
  1. Inviting a Guest Speaker

Hosting a corporate event can raise a question like will there be a guest speaker? It really depends on the company’s budget and the essence of organizing the event. If your company is inviting a guest speaker, then it needs to be confident and respected in the industry.

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