Newspaper vs Radio Advertising – who wins your money?

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Nowadays, may it be a big firm or a small, advertisement has become an important marketing tactic for each business. Advertisements are omnipresent. Radio and newspaper advertising occupy a large space in advertising

“Good advertisement does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and beliefs.”

– Leo Burnett

Even in the most remote location, a business will find a strategy to place itself in front of the audience. So, what is this advertisement that we are talking about? As described in the business dictionary, an advertisement is “paid, non-personal, public communication about causes, goods and services, ideas, organizations, people, and places.”

And for this communication, businesses opt for various platforms as per their suitability. These involve via including television, newspapers, radio, billboards, magazines, journals, internet, hoardings, mailers, contests, events, endorsements, sponsorships, press, posters.

However, out of these, Newspaper and Radio advertisements are the most common platforms that business opt for to reach a wide range of public at one go.

Let us compare Newspaper Advertising vs Radio advertising in detail –

Newspaper Advertisement

Newspaper advertising has been the oldest yet the most trending form of advertisement. Even now, businesses look forward to advertising their products or services through newspaper.

They are an effective way to reach multiple people be it any demographic group above 18 years.

Below are few advantages and disadvantages of a Newspaper Advertisement

# Newspapers are one source which can reach to a mass public at one go while radio advertising must be listened to

One ad in the newspaper can create greater impact through its visuals than any other medium of advertisement. A business also has an advantage to advertise his local business amongst local public through geographical targeting.

This means they can publish their ad in any vernacular language newspaper as required and understood by the audience. Column exclusivity and selectivity is also available.

For example, if a women fashion brand wants to reach out to its female audience, it will surely use up a space in fashion column.

# Newspapers makes it easy for the audience to keep information.

Because of the visuals and graphics, it becomes easy for the audience to recall the ad. People can also easily take a cut out of the advertisement and keep it for their future reference unlike other mode of advertisements.

Hence if you want to insert a discount coupon or want to attach your URL or give out your contact information, you can be rest assured that people will have it saved with them if they need your product or service.

# A disadvantage with newspaper advertisement is that it is costlier than any other mode of communication.

Not all businesses can afford to have an ad printed in the newspaper. Also, to reach to a wider audience, supply ad in different language newspapers which will again add to the cost burden.

How Long Does It Take For Radio Advertising To Work

Advantages and Disadvantages of Radio Advertising

Radio Advertisement

Radio Advertisement is buying commercials, often called spots in the radio industry to promote a product or service.

Companies here have a choice of advertising their product or service through multiple ways. One is when the Radio Jockey announces the product or service script live, second by way of sponsorship and third by way of creating a commercial.

Below are few advantages and disadvantages of a Radio Advertisement –

# Radio advertisement is very cost effective.

Radio slots are cheaper than TV and newspaper commercials. All that the advertisers need to do is to prepare a script to advertise their product or service and buy a slot at different radio stations.

A Radio Jockey can read scripts. Thus, within limited budget, advertisers can reach a broader audience.

# Radio offers a wide range of selectivity in terms of contextual, geographic, and demographic targeting.

Radio supplies the best platform to target a local business, through the local language channel. Through the average listener per hour demographic breakdown, advertisers will also know which market to target.

# Among all the media platforms, radio is the most flexible platform.

Radio commercials creation can happen in a shorter span of time and edits are possible just before the broadcast time. One could convert same script of the ad easily, into different languages to suit the market dynamics. One can alter the frequency of Ad as per the requirement.

# One of the disadvantages of a radio advertisement is that it does not have any visual appearance.

Hence if a business wants to prove its product it will not be able to due to lack of visual possibility. And in most cases people often remember what they have seen.

Thus, through a radio ad, there might be slight chances of people not remembering the ad. So, the only possibility for advertisers to create an impact is through sound. The ad must be catchy in terms of its jingle or sound for it to register in people’s mind.

# Disadvantage:  Fragmentation of listeners into different radio stations at a time.

The number of listeners listening to one channel at a time is very less. Hence a business will have to strategically pic up multiple slots at multiple stations at multiple timings. Only then are the chances to reach out to the targeted audience.

# People tune into radio just to listen to music and they consider commercials or RJ talking as a distraction.

Hence, if one song gets over, people at once switch the channel to listen to another song, ignoring the commercials in between. As a result, higher chance of listeners to ignore the advertisement that your business is broadcasting.

Thus, it is a disadvantage for radio advertising as it is difficult to attract and keep listener’s attention to commercials.

It needs a lot of thinking before you can decide between radio or newspaper advertising. Hopefully the article was able to address some of your concerns.

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