Network as an introvert – do it like a pro

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Networking as an introvert is exceptionally challenging. Introverts are not social persons, so going to a place where you interact with other people is not ideal. Yet you can still create a vast business network for yourself despite being an introvert. All you need to do is to follow the ideas listed below.

Networking as introvert

Here are some tips on networking as an introvert

#1 Create a list of things that you want to say before you even tell them

What this means is you get to be prepared beforehand. Even if some emotions come into play, you have enough preparation, and you know exactly what to do regardless of the situation. Plus, every introvert will come around as focused, prepared and thoughtful with such an approach. Yes, it might take a little while to create the right list of ideas, but once you have it that will be a great asset for you.

If you attend an event, come early

The idea here is that you need to familiarize yourself with the location before you start talking with people. Plus, you can meet people one by one. It gives you more time to familiarize yourself with everything, and it’s a pleasant experience. Once you are familiar with some of the people there, you can start conversations with a smaller group.

Talk in front of a mirror

A lot of introverts lack the confidence required to talk in front of large audiences. If you want to get past that, speak in front of the mirror and prepare your speech. It might seem like a simple thing to do, but it works well, and it can easily be adjusted and adapted to your own requirements. Even the little things like this can pay off, so try to use this approach at all costs.

Use your listening skills

There’s no denying that people love to talk about themselves. They are always drawn to those that listen to them, and introverts are perfect for this. It’s a good idea to use these listening skills while networking with other people. Show that you offer the attention they deserve. Keep a constant eye contact. This will inspire confidence, and you will also get to eliminate some of the social scare that you have. It’s essential to maintain a conversation though, so aside from listening you also need to reply and come up with great replies to any questions.

Talk about your industry

When you try to find business connections, the idea is that you can talk about the industry with other professionals. This is maybe the best way to generate more leads, and you can also find business partners in such a manner too. The focus here has to be on the industry and not on pitching your business. If the industry pros are interested in you and what you offer, they will look you up. It’s essential to retain a sense of professionalism at all costs if you can, and the outcome will be among some of the best out there.

Be yourself

It’s important to avoid mimicking others when it comes to networking. Be yourself, avoid any pressure and do whatever you can to retain your own approach and what you are comfortable with. Ideally, you want to do everything in your power as you try to figure out the best system that works for you. It’s important to define your own networking approach and stick with it. Some people like to interact with smaller groups; others are ok with large groups. An introvert should always start off with individual interactions and move onward from there. But make sure that you don’t place any unnecessary pressure on yourself. Results can be more than amazing in the end; you should try and study every situation to get the best outcome. Introverts might find it hard to do, but it’s rewarding and exciting!

Create goals to force yourself out of the comfort zone

Most introverts have their own comfort zone, and they rarely get out of that. Which is a shame, because that’s the best ways to build connections and generate leads for your business. That’s why the good idea is to create goals for yourself. Set a certain number of people that you need to meet with. Even a more straightforward goal is ok if you’re not accustomed with the idea of networking. Baby steps can do wonders here, you must force yourself out of the comfort zone, and the results will be great here.

Use networking apps

There are a plethora of networking apps that help you find industry connections online. Sure, you still have to meet those persons face to face at one point, but you can at least talk with them via messaging, get a feel of who they are and how they are as a person, etc. Even the simpler things can do wonders here; you should make the right pick and results can indeed shine in that perspective. You can also use websites like LinkedIn, as they are extremely good at helping you develop lasting professional connections.


Yes, there are companies that offer business matchmaking services. If everything fails and you are unable to create some meaningful connections in the industry, you can go with companies that provide this service for a living. Most of them are very reliable and easy to use, so it all comes down to your industry, preferences, and budget in the end.

Even if you’re an introvert, there are still lots of solutions to help you start networking adequately. Since networking is the backbone of every industry, you need to push the boundaries as you adjust and adapt everything to suit your needs. It will be a great experience and something that does pay off immensely in the end. Thanks to these tips, you will have no problem getting the best possible experience and results. Rest assured that nothing is impossible, and even if you are an introvert you can still generate lots of strong business connections!

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