How to network from home during corona Virus Epidemic?

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It’s no longer news that the Coronavirus outbreak is experienced in several nations of the world. Despite medical intervention, death tolls caused by the virus keeps growing every day. However, this outbreak is attracting a diverse range of measures from the government of affected regions. So far, the Indian government has pronounced the lockdown of offices and other public spaces. That has put several activities to a halt.

That development may have no great impact on people who are always working from home before the epidemic. But if you’re a type who works outside the four corners of your home, you’re likely to feel the negative impact of such government measure. More importantly, if your networking occurs in public spaces, you will greatly feel the negative effect of that development.

Is there a way to overcome the challenge?


You simply need to fall back on internet technology.

Of course, it’s the recommended option at this moment.

With the use of the internet , you will need :

  1. Social networking app

Already, there are several social networking sites. By using Linkedln, Twitter, Facebook, etc. , you can take your business to the next level while staying at home. If your business has created a social media account, just visit those platforms and login with the necessary credentials. Thereafter, keep up doing the usual routine.

If your brand is yet to own a social media account, try to get one for it. After the registration, fill in the necessary details about your brand. That helps you create an identity on the social media platform.

Whether you’re a new member or old member of a social media platform, it’s important you stay active on your chosen platform. In that regard, you need to start curating and publishing quality content.

Best place to publish your contents are :

  1. groups
  2. fan page


Most social networking sites have a medium for people of similar interest to exchange information. In most cases, they are termed as group. Try as much as you can to join groups that are relevant to your organization’s mission. Take, for instance , if your business is all about solar products, you need to join groups that are talking about renewable energy. Perhaps, your firm is an IT type, try your best to join IT-related group.

Once you’re in the right group, start following people’s discussion in the group. If someone needs ideas regarding an issue, provide solution as quickly as possible. Also, endeavor to stay professional in your posts.

Always tailor your post to suit people’s needs. You can also initiate a discussion in the group. Possibly, you can discuss something about Coronavirus and even link it to the earlier discussion within the group. Meanwhile, you need to ensure you’re not digressing from the group rules.

If people start referencing your post, it means you’re becoming relevant within the group. From there, you can become a problem solver and thus showcase your brand offering to group members.


Fan page is another great medium to stay active on social media. It’s more specific to Facebook. The page helps you connect with your fans.It helps spreads good message about your brand.

Sincerely, fans are always enthusiastic about who they follow. They believe such a page creator is a thought leader and has value. Hence, they stay glued to the page for updates.

If you’ve already acquired a vast amount of followers, this is the time to make your page more active. Start educating people on how they can stay safe at this period. Such a post sends a good message to your audience. It shows you care about their health and safety. With such development, they will be willing to come to your page for information and even recommend your page to others. Then, you can share information about your brand product and services. Similarly, you can promote your latest offering to them.

Since networking deals with making contacts, it’s best to curate content that can trigger your audience to request further information. That technique will go a long way to fetch you more prospects.

2. Conference calls

Now that those office doors are closed, should interaction with staff and business partners come to halt also?


There is a need to engage in conference calls. Maybe a specific job requires collaborating with another team member, opting for conference calls is preferable. There are a series of applications that support such activities. Zoom, Skype and lots more are typical video conference applications you can use. They are great for meeting with clients, colleagues, staff, partners and lots more.

However, you need to stay conscious of some etiquettes which include :

  1. Use the mute button when you’re eating or attending to someone in your home: Sometimes, your meetings can collide with your lunchtime. There is no offense in having some meals during the online conferencing. However, you need to avoid having everyone hearing you chewing food.Also, your kids may come asking questions from you, you need to avoid such sound entering into the meeting. Hence, the need to use the mute button.
  2. Take care of your audio: Being audible during conference calls can help attendees have great listening experience. Meanwhile, when your voice isn’t coming out clear, other members of the meeting can get bored with your conversation with them. To avoid boredom, you need to get headphones that can help your voice become clear to others.
  3. Dress appropriately: The fact that you’re communicating from home shouldn’t form a reasons to dress indecently. Try to look corporate or be in your office outfit when engaged in online conferencing. That helps others have a feeling that they are still connected with the right person. Also, it helps others know that work continues even without access to the workplace.

TAKE-AWAY: Coronavirus is a deadly disease. It’s not a respecter of man or personality. Because of its deadly nature, shutdowns have become prominent in different areas of the world. While staying at home is a good way to prevent the spread of the virus, the situation can hurt the economy. Specifically, it can hamper the networking activity of several professionals. With the help of social networks and online conferences, networking can continue. So, endeavor to connect with your contacts through those mediums.

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