How to motivate employees to increase productivity at workplace?

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How does one motivate employees to help increase their productivity?

Let us say your company has a brilliant strategy and vision to win the customers. But what if your employees are not productive enough and that they do stick to timelines?

While the company uses time and efforts in making strategies, the people responsible for implementing them do not do so.

Studies show that one of the main reasons for HR to worry is retaining the top performers of the company. With the fast-changing trends, employees tend to lookout for opportunities elsewhere.

Hence the agenda needs to include constant motivation, incentivizing and implementation of new strategies.

“A worker without genius is better that a genius who won’t work.”

– Leopold Ove

Let us first understand what productivity means.

Productivity does not necessarily mean spending long hours in the office. working under extreme stressful environment and on the contrary achieving bare smallest targets.

Along with challenging work, smart work plays a pivotal role and forms the basis for increased productivity at workplace. There could be several reasons for an employee to not give his hundred percent to the company. It may not be monetary always. There could be multiple other factors like lack of rewards and recognition, lack of motivation, misfit roles, company hygiene.

Below are a few ways you can use to motivate your employees and help them increase their productivity.

Encourage upward and downward communication

One of the best ways is to encourage a healthy and effective communication flow in your organisation.

Employees should have the liberty to express their views and opinions and top management needs to listen to them. They will feel as equals irrespective of their designations then. The very thought of having their opinion matter will boost their morale high.

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Recognize the employees for even a small effort taken

As humans, we all love to recognition.

You should encourage every action or decision made by the employee that makes the workplace better.

People who are appreciated will automatically lift their performance to elevated levels.

Encourage Accountability and Transparency

To be a better business, one needs teaming up with different people for various projects, hence, to have an effective team built, trust and understanding is important. Transparency at workplace helps to create an atmosphere of trust and openness.

Another factor is accountability. It helps employee to have a sense of ownership and making them feel the company’s project as their own. This is sure to increase their productivity level.

Set SMART goals

Setting of SMART goals is the most important factor in any kind of success. If you set unrealistic and unachievable goals, employees may feel stressed out and overloaded.  This in turn may give rise to procrastination.

It is essential thus to set pragmatic and achievable goal .

Organize fun activities at work once a while

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”

One needs breaks and refreshment.

Fun activities or recreations at workplace provide enough opportunities for employees to take a break from monotony. A fresh mind works faster and harder than an over-stressed or overloaded one.

Set clear expectation

The workplace trends change rapidly. This might confuse the employees because of changing priorities and goals. Employees will not feel accountable if you do not communication goals to them clearly.

Flexibility at Workplace

It is now in high demands that employees wish their company would give them a flexi working hour.

Flexibility is extremely important to employees across the industry. Companies that provide employees a flexible working hours or telecommuting provide a positive work life balance. They see low employee exit rate.

All the strategies above will increase employee productivity at place. You do not have to a lot of money to keep your employees happy. Just small efforts and letting them know that you care is important. Fostering highly engaged work culture is conducive to productivity.

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