Introducing yourself at a conference? Here are some smart ways

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Introducing yourself at a conference is not easy. Networking events are a great way to connect with people. They offer a platform to showcase your brand, expertise, and uniqueness. How people perceive you is dependent on the manner you introduce yourself. Even though people will still offer another chance to meet you, it’s better to take good advantage of the introduction moment.

Below are the recommended ways to introduce yourself.

Introducing yourself at conference tip no 1: Communicating your contribution

You’re invited to a conference for two major purposes – learn and educate. In effect, you ought to let the members of such an event feel your personality. In this case, it’s vital to make your introduction succinct and professional.

Let people know your influence within the industry. Let them know your experiences regarding the topic before you. Furthermore, associate with their challenges.

For instance, if you’re a marketing consultant , start by telling them your name. Thereafter, proceed with your qualifications in the marketing field. Then, show empathy regarding their current challenges in their career. As an illustration, you can introduce yourself in this manner.

‘ Hi , my name is Smart Dave. I’ve got 15 years’ worth of experience in helping business owners boost their sales. I enjoy teaching people how to connect with the right audience at the right time. With my experience in this field, I’ve helped several entrepreneurs map out proven strategies in getting massive sales. I’m looking forward to working with you all. ‘

Doesn’t that sound brilliant?

Assuming you’re the audience, won’t you anticipate to work with such an individual?

As a matter of fact, you will expect to have a session with such a personality.

If that’s the case, try to focus on communicating your expertise to the audience.

Network as an introvert – do it like a pro

Stay brief

This point is equally important for you. Introduction moments shouldn’t be taking for granted. Don’t overdo things. Of course, people want to learn about you. But that shouldn’t be a reason to discuss your portfolio from start to finish.

In other words, let your introduction be memorable. People get engaged with short introduction. Two or five short sentences are enough to describe you.

Although there could be a reason to expand on a point, you still need to stay brief. Always go straight to the point. Focus on your name, expertise , experience and your expectation for the conference.

Without a doubt, you will stay on top of people’s minds even after the meeting.

Opt for a conversation starter

Definitely, a conversation starter can be helpful for you. There is always obvious stuff that is worthy of discussion anywhere you are. For example, the obvious can be the atmosphere or even sitting arrangement. They can serve as a conversation starter for you.

Such obvious things worth mentioning. Indeed, they can go a long way to help you introduce yourself better. Consider the example in the quote below.

” Hi everyone, it seems everyone feels this cold weather. I can see some of my colleagues wearing thick clothes. The weather can really be of great benefit to me. Do you know why ? I’m an entrepreneur and sell all kinds of clothes. I’m Martins by name and people enjoy learning modern business strategies from me. My presence here is to learn newer innovations in a retail business. I believe my attendance will be worthwhile. I hope to learn from you all.”

What do you think of such a conversation starter and introduction?

Brilliant! Is that right?

Of course, it’s significantly a unique way to express yourself at conferences.

Start with a good and short story

In addition, sharing a good but short story can make your introduction great. You can start with a recent experience that relates to the theme of the conference. Then, from there you describe yourself briefly.

Take for instance, if you’re a climatologist, telling a story of burning house can help introduce yourself better. Your introduction can go in the following manner.

” Today’s gathering reminded me of a recent burning at XYZ. Many people blamed the occupant for the incident. But my understanding of climate gives me another insight into the issue…….My name is …. I work with …then add more details “

Talk about your brand

If you’re sponsored by your organization. It’s recommended to make a good references to your company name and activities. More exactly, you need to name-check yourself. Every introduction offers an opportunity to showcase a brand or personality.

Since you’re representing a brand, be smart enough to place your company at the center of the introduction. That adds more recognition and value to the brand. In this situation, you can start my mentioning your name and position. After that, describe your organization.

Suppose that you are a sales manager and work for company XYZ ,you can introduce yourself like the one below.

” Hi, I’m Saheed by name. I’m the sales manager of XYZ company – a growing manufacturing company in India. At XYZ , we do this….we always place client requests above every other thing. I’m here representing the company and I believe my presence here will be impactful. “

TAKE AWAY: As has been noted, good introductions are always memorable. They are often clear and brief. More emphatically, they are tailored to according to a conference theme. If you must present a good introduction, you must learn to be succinct and brief. Furthermore, you must work on boosting your self-confidence. Thereafter, you can decide on the most suitable way to start your introduction. Any of those five ideas can work wonders. Just ensure you practice before heading to the conference.

Wishing you all the best !

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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