instanect: a whole new world of networking

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Do you find it difficult to reach out to friends, business leads after a meet up due to loss of contact? Do you wish to have a tool that helps you link up easily with your business associates, leads, and colleagues?



Then read along!

Networking isn’t all about saying ‘hello’ at a meetup but building a relationship, a connection. For some individuals, networking may be a whole lot more and difficult, but with the right tool, it is easy.

Every person we encounter is a potential business partner, lead, and colleague. Most of the time, after the usual exchange of contacts, we will tend to lose these contacts (prospective leads) due to one issue or the other. With the advent of the internet and software apps, the Instanect application has stood out among others by taking networking to the next level.

What is Instanect?

Instanect in a clear definition is an app that allows individuals around the world to stay connected to their business partners, contacts, and leads. In a simple term, Instanect is an app that allows you to build a relationship with your contacts.

Why Subscribe to Instanect?

To understand the workings of Instanect:

Imagine a scenario that involves an Investment Banker and a Businessman who runs a successful business. The Investment Banker meets the Businessman at a business function and collects the Businessman’s contact to convince the Businessman to invest in his bank.

What Instanect does is that it makes it possible for the Banker to access the Businessman’s updated contact details only after the Businessman has successfully registered on the Instanect app, uploaded his or her details and willingly shared the details with his/her contacts.

Also, Instanect updates it whenever there are changes in the details.

Connecting is easy and fast.

Instanect gives each user a unique 8-digit code which they can share with their contacts and get connected easily. This code makes it easy to connect with your contacts, search for your contacts, and access their updated contact information/details.

Instanect allows users to connect with their contacts offline. This is a great feature for individuals in areas with poor network coverage.

To connect with your contact, request for their Instanect code, add them to your app (offline), and they will receive a connect request once you are in a network covered area.

Inviting contacts on your phone book to be part of the Instanect platform is easy.

Instanect creates a dedicated SMS/email invite upon clicking the contact you want to invite from your phonebook.

Privacy is of great importance.

Instanect understands the importance of contact privacy and grants all user the privilege of sharing and hiding their details. Users can share their contact details such as address, phone number, emails and this is shared with all their contacts at once.

Also, Users can decide to hide their contact details for a period, and this will make their contact details inaccessible by their contacts.

While Instanect can be likened to a phonebook, address book, in the words of the founders, “Just like a phonebook, but more advanced.” Instanect is the future of networking, building connections, and contact storage.

With a dedicated Instanect App, accessing the platform, storing your contacts, connecting with your contacts, has never been this easy.


Download the Instanect App today on Google Play store and start networking the right way.

Right now only available for Indian users. Sign up the newsletter to see when it will be available for your country

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