How to increase restaurant sales ?

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Restaurant owners very well know that to keep up to their business, they majorly must focus on two most crucial factors – attracting new customers and keeping the existing ones. However, in this phase where everyone wants to try something new, it gets difficult for the owners to focus on those factors. So how should they target to increase their restaurant sales? Well, here are some tips that can help.

“If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitors will.” – Bob Hooey

If you are in a food industry, you will know by now that in an industry of perishable products and small profit margins, every edge matter. With a cutthroat competition and rapidly changing trends, it can get a bit challenging for the restaurant to keep up with the fad. In this generation of innovation and creativity, people are on a constant look out for something new and different. Thus, it becomes an integral part for the owner to study the latest trend that is going in the market. The competition for a restaurant is not just limited to restaurants, there are supermarkets and convenience stores selling their inhouse meals. There are even these meal-kit services, food trucks, street food lane, etc. Thus, one must think of new strategies to increase revenue for their restaurant.

Let your customers be your promoters

Your customers can be your biggest promoters. If they are really in awe of your restaurant’s food, ambience, and service, they are definite to spread a word. Give your regular customers a special treatment. For example, recognize them, what they had ordered previously, if any feedback that they had given and you have worked on it, or maybe you could recommend them new dishes. This way, they will naturally feel needed and valued and in turn will appreciate your quality of service because at the end experience is what matters the most. Thus, if you give them valued and pleasant experience, they will keep visiting your restaurant. They will also recommend your restaurant to friends and family which will help you boost up your sales.

The technique of Upselling

No matter how great or not so great your restaurant is doing, either way, upselling is the easiest and most effective technique of compounding your sales. Upselling means persuading a customer to buy something extra or something more expensive. Usually in restaurants, customers often ask the staff for suggestions. It is this time when the restaurant staff can use their upselling techniques. But for this, the staff must be very well trained and must develop a rapport with the customers. Thus, if a restaurant is looking to boost their profits, upselling is most common and recommended technique.

Increase sales without advertising

Make your Social presence

Nowadays every person is available on one or the other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter etc. Thus, the best way to make people aware about your restaurant’s existence is through social media. You can create a page for your restaurant where you can post about your dishes, upcoming events, notification about discounts. However, make sure to update your page from time to time because you would not want people to get disappointed looking at a six-month-old picture of a meal.

Another thing to remember is, being on a social media page, you might meet bad or negative comments/review too. Do not ignore them. Acknowledge and apologise for something that they have not liked and try to work on them. Such actions will not only help in getting the customers back, but it will also attract new one and help you raise your sales.

Price the meals appropriately

In any kind of product, pricing is the main factor that will decide it is future. Similarly, for your restaurant, the food menu should be priced. For example, while determining the price, you should keep in mind the making cost, your location, and the target audience. For example, if you run a canteen in a college, your prices should meet student’s pocket, which is it must be kept low. Whereas if you are a fine dining restaurant found in a posh area, your prices can be higher. However, you must also keep a check on your competitors pricing. If they are into similar line, serving same dishes, but with a lower cost, your sales are going to be affected. Thus, price the meals appropriately for overall sales and profit of your restaurant.

Host some good events

Hosting good events is another way to attract customers – old as well as new. There are various kinds of events that you can look for. For example – stand-up comedy, karaoke nights, local band, singers, gazal nights, a guest performance etc. However just hosting events will not suffice. You will have to market your event well for people to get attracted towards it. Otherwise more than meeting your expected sales, you will incur losses if people do not turn up.  Hosting events will not only retain your regulars but will also introduce you to your potential customers. Through which you will not only increase your sales for that particular night, but in the long run as well.

Give them good deals

One of the best deals to attract your existing clientele is to give them various deals and offers. For example, on any festival, you can produce some special combo offers, or may be a flat discount. Such kind of strategy will increase your restaurant sales during festive season. This kind of strategy is run by most of the restaurants, but it never does not attract crowd. Hence one can keep continuing with it to eventually increase their sales.

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