Thinking of improving your listening and speaking skills – here it is how ?

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Communication is vital to relationship building. It can happen physically or virtually for various purposes which include problem-solving, conflict resolution, inspiration, education and lots more. To achieve any of its objectives, the parties involved needs to handle the discussion between them skillfully. Listening and speaking are important skills. How do we improve them?.

Being a good conversation partner or leader isn’t all about sitting or standing in front of an audience for discussion or listening. Instead, it’s an action that requires some critical strategies. Applying them can help enhance relationship between different categories of people

Earlier research shows that good communicators and listeners were one time inept and disorganized. They had to juggle several communication classes to learn the most effective way of addressing or listening to people.

If you’re giving up in the pursuit of becoming a good listener or speaker , don’t be discouraged. You can be a good listener or speaker. It’s just a matter of time which also needs full immersion in learning activities.

It’s indeed embarrassing to start a speech and end it woefully. I understand how crazy that incident can be.

I’m sure you’ve resolved not to have those issues coming up again. Moreover, that’s why you’re on this page. Know that no one is an island of knowledge. We’re living to learn and grow every day. Read further to start developing your communication skills today.

Think about these questions first?

  • Who is a good listener and speaker?
  • What are the skills of a good listener?
  • What makes someone a great speaker?

There is no need for panicking. Continue reading to find out the most suitable answers to those questions.

Who is a good listener?

A good listener is someone who expressed interest in what’s being discussed and pay attention to what’s being said by the conversation partner.

Who is an excellent speaker?

A good speaker is an individual who articulates his/her thought and disseminates a message efficiently.

The discussion is becoming more attractive. Right?

Let us identify the most suitable way of listening to a conversation partner.

Maintain eye contact with the speaker:

Eye contact is excellent in communication. It gives the speaker the confidence that someone cares about listening to his/her case and keeps him relaxed. It also open your mind to the discussion.

Be attentive:

Pay attention to the matter at hand, regardless of the speaker mannerism and poor communication skills. When you pay attention to the speaker, you get the details of the issue or message and thus be able to create a picture of the entire scenario.

Avoid distractions.

Be eager to ask some clarifying questions:

If you are anxious about asking question from the speaker, it is not possible to follow the entire conversation of the speaker. Communication is a means of learning new things and sharing your ideas. While an issue or message is communicated to you, wait for the speaker to pause so you can ask some clarifying questions.

In fact, when you ask questions , the speaker is elated and convinced that you’re indeed following the conversation. Meanwhile, you don’t have to be disruptive about the entire discussion. Just be patient to wait for a pause during the conversation.

Feel what the speaker is feeling:

Think about what the person is saying and conjure up a picture of how it feels to be in such situation, then show empathy,

Though hard, it depends on your familiarity with the subject of the discussion. You need to learn to take matter from conversation partner perspective and assume you’re the one experiencing such challenge. This keeps you in the conversation and ultimately guide your response after the entire matter.

Please pay attention to what isn’t said :

It’s challenging to take note of the unsaid messages. You can detect , however, from the emotions of the communicator that some words not said. Such trait also keeps you active throughout the conversation and help you give much feedback at the end of the convocation.

What makes someone a great speaker?

Becoming a great speaker doesn’t come overnight. It’s a series of a conscious effort to build some abilities and be more creative about it. Most great speakers are known for taking the actions below :

Practice and prepare before the D-day:

Great speakers go over their notes several times. They spend hours to detect the most cogent point for their conversation and practice the best means of speaking them to their big audience.

Define audience:

Public speaking are targeted towards some categories of individuals. The target audience can be doctors, sailors, government representatives and lots more. Good speakers often define audience pain points and always work on attention-grabbing sentence. Sharing similar topics with different audiences can be tricky. What grabs the attention of a category of personality can turn off out individuals. The great speakers often takes note of such difference and define how to use startling statistics, remarkable anecdote and brief quotation for speech opening.

Watch for feedback:

Good speakers are often attentive to their audience reactions. They gauge the response rate of their audience and adjust their messages to suit them.

Work on stage presence:

Most times, good speakers appear confident on stage. They are always enthusiastic and energetic while communicating their ideas to targeted audience.  it is easier to deliver an articulated message to people.

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Speech delivery hindrances:

Quality speech are void of fillers. Speakers often avoid pausing between ideas. That often brings about the use of “em” “uhmm” filler words. Be articulated to pronounce your words carefully.

Hopefully at the end of the page spend a few moments to reflect on the point you’ve gained here and start applying them everywhere you go.

All the best.


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