Got a marketing team? Here is how to improve their productivity

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Improving marketing team productivity is important because every penny an organization spend on them must yield a huge return.

In the business world today, it is challenging for businesses to keep up with marketing trend, and technology, and still be productive. Whether a business marketing team is living in today’s marketing trend or not, there will always be some new ways to enhance an enterprise conversion rate and sales. To keep up with latest trend in the marketing world, company’s marketing team must be tuned to industry updates.

The team should always strive to devise new methods of attracting prospects and managing potential customers, which keeps the company running. In a situation where marketing team members are under performing, learning new ways of enhancing team productivity can help them to accomplish the company’s targeted results – a higher return on investment, increased generation of leads, higher conversion level, and better customer engagement.

The following points a few effective ways to enhance company’s marketing team performance.


The use of social media campaign data can enhance your marketing team performance. When you adopt some technological tools, you make decisions based on software-generated data which overrules individual sentiments. Take, for instance, information from Google Analytics informs a marketer about the current market situation, providing information like age, gender, region, devices, and more information about the prospect demographics.

Tools like heatmaps help to understand how people relate with a website. It can be extremely useful to trace and monitor the activities of the visitors using a website. Monitoring how people use your website will help the marketing team to identify where users are experiencing problems or not using the website as proposed.

Other strategic methods include focus on your company marketing goals, engaging in marketing research, determine your target customers, i.e. their motivations and how they like to be interacted to, analysing the website area they visit regularly.


Vibrant communication is essential for any marketing team to be effective and productive. It is necessary to keep every member of the team informed about ideas and give feedback to the team. Use of email conversation or phone calls and the video conference call can be a means of encouragement and can produce a great result and build trust among team members. Likewise, chat tools like which allow users to upload files and share documents can promote team collaboration.


Scheduling meetings once in a week or monthly with your marketing team will help increase productivity. Set an agender for meetings and share it with your team member ahead of time. Have a perfect time and meeting with your sales representative. See how they are feeling and performing, make use of such avenue to motivate your team and investigate areas they can improve on. With this tactic, you will be able to get a response from your team about how you can help them to be effectively productive. Meeting with your team will also establish the right culture, which will structure the attitude and approach of your team to their work. The ability and creativity of your team member are magnified, which will, in turn, improves productivity.


It is necessary to upgrade and update your marketing team members to complete professional training. Let us look at an individual who has been in a profession for six years. Such an individual might be using an outdated information. Marketing strategy changes fast with time, and only an effective marketer stays updated by improving on the changes happening in the industry. Encourage your team members to go through professional trainings, strategic training increase productivity of your marketing team through right skills to focus.

There are several online platforms like Udemy and Lynda that offer professional skill programs. The more skilled and updated your team member is, the more output they will be and become more efficient.


A motivated team is a productive team. Celebrating your marketing team with little surprises shows that you value your team and have an interest in their development. Giving your team time off is an effective way to compensate for their effort. Occasional breaks help in refreshing and boosting your team member energy. You can create a marketing culture and present your business to everyone from client to potential hires.

By doing so, you are encouraging your team to develop a strong marketing culture. To grant an incentive-based rewards system for your team, you need to determine your fundamental objectives. Make sure you do not underpay your team. Instead, increase their pay, giving them an edge more than your competitors.

Provide a good environment for your team to work and allow them to adopt their working style. The operation of your team members in term of performance, achieving goals and attendance can all be determined, and reward can set in. This is a key to creating an incentive program that works.


Make sure your marketing team does not joke with their job by adopting elevated level of seriousness. Scold your team member by holding each member accountable for anything that goes wrong. Ensure they are under proper monitoring to avoid idleness. If marketing team members can be disciplined, higher level of efficiency is guaranteed.

TAKE-AWAY: Engage your marketing team by asking them how you can help them to improve more and become better in their daily outreaching efforts. For instance, a social media manager might prefer working in a quiet space and a SEO manager might prefer working at night. Understanding the nature of your team member can help you accomplish your company goal. The more responses you get, the better your workflow becomes. You will never be disappointed applying those method above.

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