How can you use networking effectively for your new business

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How one can use networking effectively for a new business?

Let us say that you have a strong business idea and you are all set to go on the floor. But wait a second! Are you sure you can play a one man show and dream of blooming your business right from a bud?

Well, that is right. You cannot.

It needs people, guidance and help, sources, and networking.

“You don’t build a business, you build People! And then People build the Business!”

Zig Ziglar

And that is when it becomes imperative to set up your network. So, what exactly is this Network that we are talking about? Networking is an art that gives you an opportunity to define you and your business to those of similar business and mind set and in turn, through trust and strong relationship becomes your walking and talking advertisers. It is also vital to know that networking is about being genuine, authentic, and how can you play a helping role for them. Because, let us accept, nothing comes for free!

What is it that you as a newbie will benefit from Networking?


The most implied advantage of networking is that you will then develop prospective clients and referrals which will aid your business and help you penetrate the big market out there. It also helps in expanding your knowledge not just for your domain, but also for a plethora of fields as Networking brings you an opportunity to meet some highly knowledgeable and influential people which you may not meet otherwise.

Queries Resolved

With a strong networking base, you can be rest assured that there would certainly be someone within your sphere who could resolve the toughest of your queries which you see as a hinderance in your business. For example, a CA in your list can help you tackle your tax queries if you are not well versed with it.

Stay Acquainted

Often communicating with people, you get to know about the current trends and developments happening in and around your industry. Which in turn might help you to produce creative methods to implement in your business to keep abreast with the rest.


Constant positive networking helps you to increase your visibility in the market. It is important for you to introduce your specialised skill to people so that they know what exactly to approach you for.

Personal Growth

By regular networking and constantly pushing yourself to interact with people, it will help you to come out of your nutshell and boost your confidence. This in turn becomes necessary to grow and keep long lasting connection with people which is a prime need for your business.

All said and done, but are you by any chance one of those who needs to know how exactly Networking is done? Here are few tips that will give you a gentle push to explore the platforms for Networking.

  1. Face to Face

In this digital era, we often think that why to take the trouble of meeting people when work can be done with just a click of a button. But networking in person helps. It increases the understanding between two people and there is lesser space for any kind of miscommunication. It also helps to bond well.

  1. Business events

Business events is one of the best platforms to socially indulge with people coming from similar background. Get into conversations with them and you never know what they might have in store for you!

  1. Social Media

Digital age has made networking simple! There are many forums that you can be a part of and share your interest, requirements, and knowledge. However, remember to join only those groups which are of your interest, else be prepared to get spammed!

  1. Build your credibility

Building up trust and credibility is of utmost importance while laying down rules of networking. “It takes years to build your name and only a minute to spoil it.” Hence make sure you market what you have. Goodwill can help your business generate leads.

  1. Lend a helping hand

Sometimes it is okay to not stick to ‘Quid pro quo’. You can voluntarily lend a helping hand to someone in need without expecting anything in return. This will also help you create your credibility and create a good impression in people’s mind.

We all know by now how much Networking is essential in today’s era for your business as well as personal growth, but we cannot get away with the fact that for some people initiating a conversation with a random person is not easy. It may not come naturally to them. In-fact the thought of starting a conversation with a stranger dreads them.

So, what can be done?

One cannot not network and let things fall into place automatically. A good thumb rule is to jot down few relevant points of discussion if you know you are going for any business events where you will get to meet new people. And these topics need not necessarily be work related, they could be of general conversations like hobbies, interests, travel, or the event itself.

The whole idea is to get out of your comfort zone and converse with as many people as you can and ensure to leave the room with a good set of discussions and contacts. So, all your newbies, remember to Network, Network and Network!

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