How can Building your personal brand help you to expand your professional network?

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There are definitely many pluses when you build your personal brand which helps you to expand your professional network.

“Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room”

What comes to your mind when you hear the term ‘brand’? A business? Or a corporate maybe? Well, that is natural. But did you know, an individual too can have a label or brand of his own?

Before we take you there, let us first understand what this term means. As defined in the economic times, “a brand is a name given to a product and/or service such that it takes on an identity by itself.

A brand name can create and stand for loyalty, trust, faith, premium ness or mass market appeal, depending on how the brand is marketed, advertised and promoted.” This goes well with the businesses and the corporates. And we have seen a lot of companies doing there branding on a massive scale.

However, the rise of personal branding is also on a spree in the recent times. Previously personal branding was limited to athletes, celebrities, or models.

Today, personal branding is vital to succeed in many parts of life.

The most critical area with your personal brand building that gets developed is your professional Network.

For example, if you visit a doctor when you are unwell, you can get recommendations from people about the doctor.

The brand that specific doctor has created for himself helps him or her get recommeded.

Your personal brand speaks for you and people connect with you quickly.

Effective personal branding can open many doors for you, and it would not be nice to disregard or overlook it. Here are few ways which can help you with it –

1.     Strengthen your unique skills

Your value is not because of the position you hold in a company but upon your unique quality you bring into practice. Highlight your unique skill.

2.     Create your own website/blog page

You do not have to necessarily go all fancy and flashy with your website filling it with truckloads of words. Just create a website that speaks about who you are and what you do, what you love doing, whom can you serve.

The home page of your blog speaks for you, and it helps people connecting with you.

3.     Action speaks louder than words

You will need to demonstrate your ability and expertise rather than simply putting it up in words .

Do not hesitate to promote your accomplishments as they give you credibility.

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4.     Actively take part in social forum discussions

Search for discussions around major social platforms and be active in those groups. You can accomplish this by sending informal messages. Also provide your valuable inputs, share your knowledge and expertise, in the group.

People will definitely start to resonate with you and then contact you whenever they would need any help. However, remember not to overdo, or boast about yourself, you surely would not want people to switch off from you completely. Keep it smart and subtle.

5.     Personal branding is a continuous process

Building a personal brand is a continuous process. With the rising competition in every strata of life, there will be always need of innovative ideas.

You will have to keep abreast with the moving trends.

You can do this by continuously writing and blogging, staying active on social media and by using different tools to help you scale your efforts.

Stick to the routine and you will quickly grow an audience who trust you and seek out your expertise.

Although building a personal brand involves taking great and painful efforts, but it is extremely rewarding and meaningful.

By doing so, you will create a brand that is unique and personal. It will define who you truly are and letting the world know what you exactly stand for.




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