What are the various fun ideas for corporate events?

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The entertainment you showcase at corporate events matters a lot. It can make or mar your event. If it falls flat, your attendees will be less engaged. Also, they will think your event is not worth their time. As a result, they might be reluctant to honor your next invitation. However, good entertainment can elevate your brand reputation. It can win your attendees’ hearts and thus, keep them talking about the entire event. Above all, it can spike up a good conversation about your brand.

Whether your corporate event will be buzz-worthy or not lies in your hand. It’s dependent on your choice. It’s hugely dependent on the knowledge you’re leveraging into the event entertainment. Also, it relies on how best you can define your attendees.

If you’re short of fun ideas for your corporate event, it’s never an issue. It’s understandable. At one moment or the other, anyone can run out of ideas. In such a scenario, lifehack recommends feeding your brain with solid inputs. Of course, reading books and blog posts can get you some fantastic ideas. It can re-stimulate your brain neurons and ultimately revive your creative flow.

So, if your corporate event is taking place soon, don’t close this tab now! Instead, spare a few minutes to grab great fun ideas you can incorporate into your event entertainment.

Are you ready to get started?

The ideas below are made for you. Keep reading!

1. Board Game Tournament

Some corporate events occur at the office. They happen indoor. That’s likely to occur for some good reasons. Firstly, management may want to cut costs. Secondly, employees might want to resume jobs as soon as the event ends. Thirdly, the purpose of the event can determine such a location.

It’s not all about where it’s happening! It’s more about what is happening!!

Regardless of what motivated the decision, a board game tournament can help attendees have some real fun. While having fun, the attendees can also bolster their competitive spirit. That also opens an opportunity for value creation.

As stipulated on bustle.com, having a competitive nature has lots of advantages. It helps people:

  • get a better sense of what they can do.
  • possess a much healthier measure of their success
  • embrace more of the unknown
  • become much freer of people’s judgment

Boardgame tournament is competitive in nature. With prizes in place for first, second, and third place, lightening the mood of attendees is guaranteed.

2. Office Trivia

Here is another simple but exciting fun idea you shouldn’t neglect. It’s exciting to challenge people in areas that don’t relate to their daily jobs. Such a fun idea has some good benefits. According to Healthline, people who are interested in trivia can

  • be brainy
  • be smart on a lot of levels
  • have a high IQ  

Also, participating in a trivia enhances memory, improve cognition, and helps the brain perform under pressure.

Trivia: a fun way make people be rapidly curious and information-omnivorous

Here is a quick step to go about it.

  1. Sort your trivia question into categories
  2. Give each question a point value
  3. Group attendees into a team
  4. Start the game
  5. Finally, announce the winning team

This event will unsurprisingly create a lasting impression on attendees.

3. Inviting a comedian

Also, having a comedian at the event is advisable. It’s brilliant to use a corporate event to harness the powerful benefits of laughter and humor. Indeed, an expression of humor can re-energize company teams.

Are you aware that laughter is the best medicine?

If you’re not aware of such fact, kindly note that laughter is good for people.

Just like Dr. Gulshan Sethi said, laughter is like internal jogging. It provides a good massage to all internal organs while also toning abdominal muscles.

Interestingly, when the event attendees roar with laughter, they:

  • Add both joy and zest to their life
  • Ease all forms of anxiety and tension
  • Relieve any kind of stress
  • Improve their mood
  • Strengthen their resilience

In fact, they find peace in their careers.

If your organization isn’t on a tight budget, inviting a comedian to the event is recommended.

4. Two Truths and a Lie

If an organization has over 100 employees, chances are the employees won’t know themselves much. Meanwhile, it’s no one’s fault. Everyone is trying to be focused on his/her job. As a result, opportunities for getting know to one another are slim.

Learning about people in the workplace is good!

In that case, it’s good to create a platform for employees to learn about themselves. Here, two truths and a lie fun idea come into play. It plays a vital role in connecting people together. Moreover, it works when you intend to integrate coworkers who don’t yet know one another yet.

How does this work? Do you ask?

Chill a moment!

Imagine you’re just meeting someone for the first time, what questions come to your mind?

Here are some likely questions you will ask:

  • who are you?
  • what’s your area of specialization?
  • where do you live?

Yea, you can go beyond those questions.

Is that right?

That’s exactly how Two Truths and a Lie works.

Whenever event attendees sight someone they don’t know better, they are anxious to learn about him/her. However, the questioning takes place in their minds.

But two truths and a lie create a ground for everyone to introduce themselves.

So, such a fun idea minimizes any curiosity about a personality at the event.

Steps to get started includes:

  1. organize the attendees a circle
  2. gives each person the floor to introduce themselves.
  3. let each employee says three things about themselves – a maximum of three things
  4. allow everyone else in the circle to guess which statement is the lie.

In the end, everyone feels elated and relax.

Above all, team spirits are elevated.

TAKE-AWAY: There are plenty of fun ideas out there. But not all of them can match your audience persona. However, trying the ones above can elevate your brand image and serve your audience in the most matured manner.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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