How do I expand my professional network internationally?

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If you are serious about making a new for yourself in the chosen industry, you must connect with other people. Networking is one of the best ways you can expand professional network internationally, one that will help you boost your reach eventually.

Finding the right means of expanding your professional network is not as easy as you might imagine. It all comes down to picking the best methods you can find for exposure and going from there.

Contact former professors and career service offices

The idea behind this tip is that you want to make connections with people that are affiliated with your university. Once you have a starting point like this you must build up from there.

It all comes down to understanding what people already have international connections and talking with them. Understand them, their motivation and focus. Interact with them often, maintain that connection alive. And you will be good to go.

Use LinkedIn

One of the best ways to increase your professional network, especially internationally, is LinkedIn. The major benefit related to this tool is that you can do that from home. However, start with your own connections and then connect with people in their list.

You do not want to add people blindly in there, it might end up being a problem often.

Talk with the persons you add, make sure that you have a similar topic of interest and do not hesitate to help them if needed. That is how you can create a great professional network. You can ask them for help, but you also must help others as well.

Attend conferences

What you really want to focus on are international conferences. These conferences will be the ones where you can find people from other countries. Of course, you want to stick to conferences in your own industry, just to be safe.

But you can really get an amazing set of benefits without that much of a hassle, so consider that if you can.

If you want to pick the right conference, just try to find the one that will connect you with international guests. These conferences tend to have global-importance topics, so it is easier to spot them when compared to others.

Talk with other entrepreneurs

One of the things a lot of entrepreneurs learn is that no matter how much they try; they cannot do everything alone.

You need connections and connecting with other entrepreneurs might very well be what you need. You want to talk with them and even acquire some impressive results from them.

Maintain constant email connections and do not hesitate to ask them questions whenever you feel the need to do so. That is what really pushes the boundaries in the end.

Connect industry leaders via Facebook

It is never simple to connect with other industry experts, especially international ones. You can try to do that via LinkedIn, but if you want to have an international professional network, you really must think creatively.

The more you think about the possible benefits and options, the better the outcome will be for you, so consider that at all costs if possible. Try to introduce yourself via Facebook to any foreign professional in your industry. You can let them know what you do, what you achieved in the industry and why you want to connect with them.

Even a simple introduction will suffice. It does not seem like much, but you will notice that a lot of people will accept this sort of stuff. And that is because you get to be in control and enjoy the process more than anything.

Create lots of meaningful content

Be it videos or articles, it is important to create as much content as you can to get more exposure. The more content you create, the easier it will be to achieve the results you expect.

A promising idea here is to always strive to focus on content quality. You can create a great professional network if you show people from other countries that you can help them. Plus, creating content also boosts your authority in the online world.

And that is one of the main reasons why you want to tackle this sort of approach, because it is always worth trying at least.

How can you maintain a large professional network?

Creating the professional network is one thing, but you will not have a great network unless you maintain it properly. The best thing you can do is to talk with those persons as often as possible. Catching up and talking about new industry stuff is something that you always want to at least test it out and give it a shot at all costs if possible. That type of thing is extremely important to focus on, so you should totally check it out if you can.

We also recommend you always show gratitude. People do not have to accept your invites or even help you. But if that happens, you really must be grateful. Not everyone is willing to help you especially free of charge.

So, when that happens, you need to show them how appreciative you are. This will end up helping you often, so try to at least use it as a wonderful opportunity.

These tips are great if you want to create and enhance your professional network the right way. It really helps quite a bit and it will give you a huge array of benefits all the time. That is by far one of the main advantages to consider and something you will enjoy eventually.

Take it slow, do not rush people. It will always take a while to connect to a lot of people and enhance your international professional network. But once you have the network, you do need to follow up and nurture those relationships!


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