Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

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Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin

Digital Marketing is not just a segment of marketing techniques, it forms a new industry altogether. And it is one such industry which is under constant evolution. Trends and techniques of digital marketing that were there just a year ago, may have become obsolete and an old hat now. Such rapid and dynamic is the growth of this industry.

Gone are those days when marketing just meant advertising your product or service. It has now gone far beyond that.

As a result, businesses now need to pace up high and quick to be in tandem with the latest evolving digital marketing trends. It is important for them to adapt and to keep abreast to the changes for a successful journey because, lets accept, what worked for them yesterday may not work for them today. Nowadays, apart from having a physical presence, audience first read up on the internet about your products and services. Hence internet has now become “the place” to be to cater to your audience.

However, we do understand that there are multiple platforms to market and reach your audience online, which may at times get confusing and may not give you the desired result. Thus, streamlining the process becomes important. In this article, we have mentioned about few digital marketing trends that are working best in 2019.

# Influencer Marketing or Blogging

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, Influencer Marketing has taken its root from old marketing technique yet blending with new marketing tools. It focuses on building up modern day content marketing through celebrity endorsements.

It is a process where the brands collaborate with the influencers to market their products or services. A word of mouth marketing which involves key leaders to get your brand message out to a larger audience.

These influencers can be anyone, either a celebrity or Instagram bloggers or Youtubers or journalists. They help in spreading a word about your business or service to their followers through respective media channels.

# Content Marketing

According to Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is an approach that majorly focuses on creating valuable and relevant content that can help to convert readers to customers.

Content marketing still forms the most crucial part of digital marketing. Although greater emphasis is on the nuance of content. Consistent blogging and content creation increase the traffic to your side manifold. Thus, if your content is engaging and informative, you will have a better chance to get noticed online.

# Personalized Marketing

Every business is now getting into the digital space trying their hands at the best of trends and techniques to reach out to the mass audience. However, one thing that will set you apart from the rest is the personalised marketing. This could be either through your product, content, blogs, or emails. 96% of marketers agrees that personalization advances customer relationships.

Personalised and triggered emails that are based on audience behaviour are better than blast and bulk emails which usually nobody reads, and it directly goes to the spam mailers.

Thus, triggering your email marketing into something specific and personalised can be a highly effective marketing strategy.

# Chatbot Communication

It is humanly difficult to be available for your mass audience at any time and every time. Thus, this Artificial Intelligence based technology – Chatbots are to the saviour. This technology uses instant messaging to chat in real time with your customers or site visitors.

Even the customers enjoy using the chatbots as they are prompt in responding and keeps a track of customer’s entire buying history. Thus, a customer does not have to wait for hours or days to get a problem solved or to know about any product or service.

Chatbots coupled with marketing automation will effortlessly cater to mass social media marketing platforms.

As per the IBM report, Chatbots are expected to power 85% of all customer service interactions.

# Video Marketing

Another huge marketing trend to follow in 2019 is video marketing. The number of platforms is rising. They include Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime etc According to Cisco, 82% of the internet traffic will be through video by 2022.

Naturally, because consumers nowadays spend more time on their smartphones watching videos and advertisements.

Video Marketing is the most effective marketing tool and a top tier, be it a video for any social media platform viz – Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or one’s own website. It can convey a lot of information and can make impressive gains.

# Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel Marketing experience is a multichannel and integrated approach that helps customers experience cohesiveness wherever they search or look for the brand’s product or services.

In simple language, omnichannel marketing means that the business creates customer touchpoints where they can stay in touch with the customer on every available channel. It provides seamless and consistent communication process to prospective customers across the channels.

Omnichannel marketing thus helps a business to track all the customer conversations even though they are interacting at different social media platforms.

This helps the business to understand what exactly a customer is looking for and what is the demand for their product. on the other hand, it becomes easy for the customers also to keep in mind a product or a service of a company

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