Business Networking Tips To Help You Build A Business In 2018

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Success is not always determined by the number of things you know, but often by the people you know. There is saying, your network is your net worth. Business networking is a must for business to survive.

Networking with the right set of people will help actualize your next billion dollar business idea within a shorter span of time.

Business owners’ top question is about meeting with right persons to help build/increase their business/sales

Networking should be the core building plan of every business and business owner.

With powerful network one can

  • can help set their brand apart,
  • link up with other industry professionals,
  • and above all help them get a good job ( if job is what they need ).

Networking can be done with co-workers, friends, industry experts, local community groups, and other professionals.  Meeting people and exchanging business cards or contacts isn’t enough, though . Instead building relationships should be the key.

Networking may require time, patience, and continually reaching out, can be overwhelming . So here is some help.

Attend Diverse Types of Events

Attending diverse type of events is a sure way of meeting with people from all walks of life.  But networking is not only limited to attending business networking events.

Instead, attending events that for e.g. match your hobbies, can be a great start, for eg, an art exhibition, a community charity rally, or even a religious event.

You will be tempted to visit them regularly, which  will help you  to build  connections with other attendees.

Be Real, Be Authentic

Networking is more than meeting or exchanging contact cards. Instead, it is all about building relationships and trust. Everyone loves to build a relationship with people they can trust and refer .

Be yourself and be authentic. You will get more business if your connections have a positive impression of you and your business.

Set an Achievable Networking Goal

A person without a goal will not go anywhere.

Start by setting an achievable networking goal. It can be daily, weekly or even monthly. This helps in evaluating your networking progress.

While setting a networking goal, it is important to take into consideration the number of events to be attended, and the plans/methods of reaching out after initial contact has happened.

Figure Out Ways to Keep in Touch

This is one of the most difficult aspect of networking as people do get out of touch after a few days. One tends to misplace business cards.

instanect application can help in smoothing this process. It is a unique application that helps you easily manage  your contacts.

Engage Your Contacts

Engaging your contacts doesn’t mean bombarding them with messages, emails, and/or irrelevant product information.

One could always start by sharing content that may interest your contact. Also, liking, tagging, or commenting on their shared social media post is a great way of engaging with them. By doing this, it is easier to build a relationship, win their trust, and create room for meaningful interactions.

Offer Guidance/Help

We all need help from time to time. Networking is all about helping each other.

Start by offering your connections solutions to their needs. It could be a simple cooking recipe, relationship advice, a business plan advice, and other needs.

You gain respect by providing help within the community.

Get the Instanect App

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I Instanect is an app that allows users to build a relationship with their contacts. It allows individuals to connect with their contact offline, allows for easy connection, grants users the necessary privacy.

Instanect is the future of networking, building connections, and contact storage.

With a dedicated Instanect App, accessing the platform, storing your contacts, connecting with your contacts, has never been this easy.

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