Big question : How do I Become Incredibly Productive?

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How do I Become Incredibly Productive?


“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

  • Walt Disney


We often complain of not getting enough time to complete a certain number of tasks in a day, don’t we? Whether you are a CEO, an entrepreneur, freelancer, student, trainee, or anyone, each one is struggling with the same scenario. Thinking aloud, have we ever questioned ourselves that ‘is time the only factor that is not letting our work get completed?’ Or there are other factors involved too in lowering our productivity?

We get entangled in jobs that do not really matter and as a result we use our time inefficiently and haphazardly. Looking at the fact, pragmatically we have only eight working hours out of a twenty-four-hour schedule to finish all that our work demands. And it is possible only when the work gets more streamlined and purposeful. With this rapidly changing dynamics of the market trends, great companies obsess more over productivity that efficiency. Hence it even more become essential for each employee to be high on his productivity graph.

All said and done, but what could one do to increase productivity? Here are few hacks that will help you to become incredibly productive.

  1. Identify the root cause of low productivity

Identify how and why you are not able to finish all the assigned tasks of a day. Is it because it is something of not your interest, or you are too tired, or you spend too much time chatting with your colleagues or over social platforms, or you try to do too many things at a time? This will help you to know exactly where you are lacking and can be immediately resolved if necessary, improvements taken.

  1. Try setting and achieving smaller goals first

You may have high vision of completing a project all by yourself, which is okay, but within a stipulated time, how would you get that into place? Hence it is important to first set smaller goals for that project. For example, completing part of a project by a targeted date. This will not only streamline your process and help you focus but will also give you a sense of accomplishment, which will further motivate you to reach the end of the project in a similar form.

  1. Dedicate a specific time slot to check your emails

One of the main causes for your time drainage is checking and responding to emails every now and then. Well it again differs from business to business and job roles to job roles. Some may require working on emails majority of the time for example, customer care service. However, for the others, it is important to dedicate specific hours to checking and responding to your emails. There is a study which says that email takes up 28% of the average working hours. Tim Ferris of the 4 Hour Work Week suggests checking it twice per day.

  1. Eat the Frog else the Frog will eat you

As Mark Twain once said, “if it is your job to eat the frog, do it first thing in the morning otherwise you will end up procrastinating it the entire day.” Mornings when you are fresh to work, utilise that time to complete the most challenging task first rather than stretching it as morning hours are most productive.

  1. Offload the unnecessary load

It will be humanly impossible to do each activity by your own self. (May it be personal or professional) You will need to seek help from other people as well. Delegation is the best method to get your work done systematically. Assign some parts of your project to your co-workers or employees under you and give them a deadline. It will help you achieve your goal faster as well as reduce the burden from your shoulders.

  1. Inculcate new habits to improve your productivity

One of the causes for your low productivity could be your tiredness or lethargy from lack of sleep or spending too much time over social media or with your colleagues. It is time now to change those habits. It is particularly important to have a good and peaceful sleep at night to have a fresh day at work else you would be dull and absent – minded entire day. Also, you could set specific break times spread across the day wherein you can catch up with your colleagues or check your messages/respond to personal calls. But make sure to avoid that during your work hours.

  1. Avoid doing multiple things at a time

Putting your hands in anything and everything will lead you nowhere. You must have heard of this phase “Jack of all trades but master of none” is a perfect example of side effects of multi – tasking. Hence it is necessary to focus on one thing at a time to achieve better and productive results. Do less but be perfect.


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